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John Redeagle Castillo, Comanche

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John Redeagle Castillo
As a Native American
Written by John Redeagle Castillo

I was born in the State of Texas in fact not to far from our current President Bush was born. However, I do not consider President Bush, to be my President because he was somehow name to be President of the United States, by nine very conservative Supreme Court Judges however we the people of the United States of Americans did not vote for President Bush to be our President so you figure out how he still became President. My Germany friends does this not make you wonder who is running our country perhaps our international corporations? Also, all our congressional and senator are in the pockets of the rich and wealthy corporations do you think they are for the common people when it cost millions and millions of dollars to run for a public office?I would have to be truthful to you but our country is run and control by International Corporation so usual I refer to our government as the United States American International Corporations and not as the United States of American. So my Germany friends do you consider our Country the United States of American as a country of Democracy? Please, be inform that our news media are run not for the public interest but at the interests of private corporations and private companies so you know that we not going to get the whole truth. And this why our President Bush, was able to lie to us about the War of Iraq, because the news media never told us the truth and still the President is still claming that there is still are Mass Weapons of Destruction in Iraq he still claims they are hidden somewhere in Iraq perhaps it will take another 20 years before we will find the weapons of mass destruction?

Treatment of Native Americans In the State of Texas 1970

Well, when I was born in my hometown near Fort Stockton, Texas, and I was not allowed to be born in a hospital because I was brown skin or Red skin. So as Native Americans and together with the Mexican and Black people we had no right to the laws of the land because of our skin color. So can you believe that after we fought the Nazi in World War Two, that the white people of the State of Texas were treating us Native Americans, Mexicans and Black people the same way as the Nazi. I was never allow to go to the all white public school because only white people were only allow to go there and if you try to go to a white school well they just shoot you like a dead dog. And white people should to say to me that a Red Indian is better dead than a dead dog. As for dating white girls well you might as well say goodbye to your family because the white people who shoot you or hang you. I had a very close friend who was 16 year old and his name was Gilbert and he love this white girl and she love him but our Native American’s community warms him that the white people would kill him. However, he still date with this white girl and when some white people saw him holding hands with this white girl they got him and tied him to their back of their truck and drags his body thought-out our town letting us know if a Red Indian or Native man try to date or hold hands with a white girl you would kill the same date. So my Germany friends if you’re read about our American history books you will never read about this because the people in power that controls our government to not want for you to know the truth. They do not want the people from Europe to know about how racism the white people from the USA were toward us.

When I was very 7 years old I wanted to go to the public library and I remember to this date this date because I wanted to go to my public library to read to learn about Europe.

So I got up early in the morning and told my parent to take me to the public library they told me that they would take me there but the white people would not allow me in their public library but still I refuse to believe this and still I demand from my parents to take me to the library to go to read this books. So my poor parent took me to the library and my father ask this library’s white people in a very kind and gentle way if they would be able to help us and this white people start yelling at my parents and myself at their top of their voice that they were not there to service the Indian or Mexican people and they start pushing us out of the public library with no respect like we were dogs out to the streets and they told us to stay out and never to come back.  I remember to this day how I start to cry deep within my heart how could this white people treat me a young innocent child of only 7 year old this way. I use to cry and go to bed crying because I could not go to the public library to read about my friends in Europe perhaps I was thinking I was born in the wrong country and what was wrong with my people to be treated this way. Perhaps I was thinking the whole world is like this toward our people. Also, I remember when I was 9 years old I try to go across the white neighbor because to me this was a short way to walk to my house but I was thrown stones by the white people because I was walking on their white streets and I was thinking is this is the way the whole world is toward our people.

I kept thinking as a young child perhaps God was white because even when our people went to our own Christian church we had to go with our own people because the white people never allow us to their white Christian Church perhaps God was white. It was funny because when the United State Army wanted for me to go and fight their wars they did not ask me about my skin color. Also when I was draft into the army at the age of 18 years old this was first time I saw a white army doctor because before we were not allow to see a white doctor and also my family was not able to paid for the doctor fees.  And away I was send to kill and kill for this country and they told us not to question about the war that we kill because this country was base on justice and freedom for everyone but still I did not see freedom or justice for my people.  The only once getting justice and freedom were for the rich people and companies that control our country. I try to escape from the army but I was told that if I would try to leave they would put me in prison or shoot me like a dead dog. So I serve and I came back but my father told me that when I came back from war that I lost my Soul because I put all my feeling always that I was now only a instrument of destruction of the USA government. So when I came back I had not feeling because the war destroys all my feeling of been a human being. So my army doctor told me that lots of wars veterans that come back from war have a difficult having relationship with their wives or their former girlfriend. I notice this when former girl friend Angela bought this to my attention but I now receiving treatment for this lack of deep feeling. Wars destroys your human Soul it hard to explain unless you have been in war.

Also, in 1990 I did receive a direct award from the President of the United State of American for my military outstanding services. However, I feel that I that I paid too high a price to go to war because still I feel like I was never accept in my own country plus I still praying to get marry and have a family perhaps with a European woman because I am afraid my children will be send to war to fight for the rich companies.  Also, still today there are over 40 millions USA children that never see a doctor because their families are so poor they can not afford to see a doctor.  Can you believe that we the richest country in the world can not afford healthy insurance for children. I know of lots of family that are working but because the jobs here are so low paying that lot of working family still can not afford to pay for their medical insurance for their children or themselves.

Please, make sure you go to see the movie call Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, this movie was ban by our own government until the French Government and a Canadian reporter bought pressure on the American government to allow for this movie to be shown.
Yes, life is always a struggle and I have inform Peter, that I am may not be able to go to Germany because some USA government and other individuals so do want to speak about my view about my view of antiwar in Iraq and other injustice that I see happening in my country. So yes I am a fighter and yes life is always been a struggle but I love to fight and I am a tough fighter and I am very determine to see you and all my friends in Germany on September 24, 2004.    
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